Friday, March 16, 2012

Water table

I promised Paige I'd get her a water table this week, and I delivered! It is in the 70s, so still a little chilly for water table fun. But I said we could try it out for a few minutes today, then go inside and dry off. Well, after 30 minutes I LITERALLY had to drag Paige and Braley away kicking and screaming. I have obviously heard and used this expression many times before, but truly didn't understand what it meant until today. They loved this thing so much!

Jack would approach it every once in a while, but was more interested in his golf clubs.

Umm, y'all can play with the water. I'm working on the golf game.

Best toy ever, momma!

Such a silly little girl, full of life. I love her with every fiber of my being!

Finally, after 30 minutes, I felt like Braley was going to get too cold, so I had to grab him, pry the bucket out of his hands while he screamed and screamed. I hope the neighbors weren't trying to nap. But we came in, took a warm bath, and layed down for naps.

Paige is spending the night with her Mele and Papa tonight and we have a sitter coming for the boys. We are going to dinner downtown and to the Thunder game. Great day all around, here!


Kelly said...

Such cute pictures!! I'm looking forward to getting a water table for our 14 mo old b/g twins! Looks like a big hit!

Sara said...

My niece and nephew turn 1 in May and I've been trying to figure out what to get them. The live in Florida, so a water table is a perfect gift! Thanks for the idea.