Monday, March 12, 2012


Bring on Spring! We woke up today with 80+ degree temperatures! My allergies are out of control but it is worth it to spend all day outside.

We don't have a sand and water table (something I am going to rectify this week!) so I poured water in the cooler (mother of the year...) and let them splash around in it. They were giggling and splashing. It was wonderful!

How big is Braley? THIS big!!!

I sure do have some boys on my hands! They love to play with cars. They even say, "vroom, vroom!"

And some very good news: Braley has been standing up on his own and taking a few steps. I predict he will be walking full-time by 4/1 (papa's birthday!). He is 4 days shy of 16 months right now. I am learning to accept that all my kids are unique and do things in their own time. But they are all perfect in their own ways!

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Amanda Scott said...

i think you need a pool..... ;)