Thursday, April 12, 2012


David and I had 3 kids in 18 months, as you all know. Crazy doesn't even begin to describe it! The word exhausted doesn't do me justice. And I have a LOT of help. Tired, burned out, sometimes I feel inadequate. I guess it all comes with the territory of having 3 in 18 months (the few, the proud!).

But let me tell you, now that they are playing together, and I mean this with my whole is WORTH IT. And then some. I can't imagine it any other way. I can't imagine how lonely Paige would be at home without her 2 little side-kicks. The Griffith family is blessed. No two ways around that.

Paige bug had school today, and we were supposed to go play with one of her school mates after school, but she got sick : ( So we came home instead. But that is okay - these kids have 2 built in playmates!

Not to mention Beefy! Spike is never to be seen around the kids, because he doesn't like them messing with him. But Beef just sits there and takes it all.

Love him! They are expanding the road on our side street and Jack loves all the trucks.

Paige's silly face. Goofy girl.

I will never tire of watching this little one toddle around. I feel like we waited MONTHS to see him walk.

Love. Love. Love.

I will never stop thanking the Lord for blessing me with these children, in the most perfect timing.

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Abby said...

Besides how freaking adorable your kids are, I'm dying over your dog names! HA!! are you kidding me!? Beefy and Spike for your teeny it!