Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter joy, and a little loneliness.

I am very ready for David to get home. Too bad his plane doesn't arrive until 1 AM : ( But we are still having a lovely Easter! My folks took Paige to church. I decided I didn't want to bring 16 month old twin boys, so we went and got some breakfast instead ; )

Then everyone came over for some patio playtime and a little picnic.

Now the rain clouds seem to be rolling in, so we came inside to get cleaned up. Naptime is coming shortly (thank goodness). And things will return to normal on Monday. It makes me sad to not be spending this family holiday as a family. Something is just missing when your husband is gone. But I am lucky to have my precious kids and wonderful parents with whom I can share this blessed day. And David is truly enjoying a once in a lifetime trip. If you are a Masters watcher, look behind the 12 tee box today for a familiar face ; )

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Steph said...

They are adorable!! You are great at capturing their personalities in the pictures!