Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zoo day

Paige was out of school today, and I wanted to do something fun.  She was stuck in the car for over 2 hours yesterday when we picked up David from eye surgery, so I was trying to think of a fun outdoor activity.  A girlfriend of mine was going to the zoo, and it was a gorgeous day, so I said we must come!  The boys, being 17 months old, are not really digging the zoo right now.  They hate being cooped up in their stroller, and who could blame them?  I had a sitter come to the house so they could play here and get a nap, and Paige and I headed out around 10 AM.

Love her.  Love her!

First stop was climbing on the elephant!  Of course!

Our zoo has a nice children's zoo.  It is new, clean, and the perfect place for a 3 year old.

Paige loved the fish.  She and fun picking out which ones were babies, which were mommies and daddies, and which were trying to find lunch.

She was only moderately interested in petting the goats.  Which is pleasing to me, as it really grosses me out.

They have a section with a waterfall and a rock creek, where the kids take off their shoes and can splash around.  Perfect on this hot day!  It looks like it is muddy, but it is just red rocks.

Paige's favorite animal exhibit in the big zoo is the snakes.  We spent at least 20 minutes in the snake cave.

But her favorite part of the day (besides a lunch of chicken fingers and fries!) was easily the carousel ride.

This was her first time on a carousel.  It was one of those moments for me that remind me how awesome being a parent is.  The look of pure joy on her face is something I will remember forever.

I'd say she is a fan of carousel rides!

Last stop was the playground.

What a fun day!  I am thankful for the opportunity to get this time with my children.

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