Sunday, April 1, 2012


I was overwhelmed with the support and prayers we got for Jack! He is 100% fine. Looking back, we don't even think he hit his head now. There was nothing on the CT and he never even got a bump. We think he fell on his back, got the wind knocked out of him, and that scared him so much he stopped breathing and passed out. I've asked several doctors what they think of this theory and they all say it makes a lot of sense and is very plausible. Either way, I am thankful this turned out to be no big deal at all. It certainly has been a wake-up call for me! I need to be more mindful of where I take the twins alone.

We ended up having a wonderful (and busy!) weekend.

Friday, we had lunch with friends, came home, and spent the whole afternoon in the backyard.

Paige's friend, Logan, was nice enough to join Paige in her time-out. I'm sure taking a photo and laughing wasn't the most effective way to discipline her, but oh well : )

Saturday, I had a baby shower for an amazing gal expecting boy/girl twins. Success after infertility is just that much sweeter, wouldn't you agree?

Sunday, I woke up and continued my training for the half marathon here in a few weeks! Yay! We are at our longest distance before the actual race.

I hopped in the shower when I got back, and David and I headed downtown to watch the Thunder throttle the Bulls. Thunder Up!

When we got home, it was some yard work and cooking for my dad's birthday party over here! My mom, brother and I have been the luckiest people to have this great man be our family's head. And now his 5 grandkids get to enjoy him. We loved celebrating his 60 years : )

Braley ate his body weight in burgers and fruit, but had plenty of room for cake! Duh!

Now is time to relax a little before taking on the new week. I am feeling very blessed these days. And very happy.

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