Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last few days...

We have had some busy few days! First, thankfully, no tornados came through the metro. Just some loud storms at 4 AM. We recently moved Paige into a full-sized bed (from her crib with the toddler rail up). Her first full night in it was a little traumatic, because she HATES storms. So we let her climb in bed with us for a few hours. And every night since then has been great! I need to get some pictures of her in it. It is crazy. My big girl : ( Who turns 3 in less than a week!

We went to lunch and the park with some of my girlfriends and their kids on Monday.

And today, it was warm enough for some water table fun! I finally got the kids new swimmies.

Braley loves to hold the water hose and freaks out if anyone tries to take it. I'm thinking he might be a water park attendant some day : )

I love her.

I'm in busy mode getting ready for Paige's birthday. Her school party is Thursday, we are having a little family party on Sunday, Monday (her actual birthday) she has gymnastics, and then her big party is Saturday, May 5th!

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jenhill17 said...

water park attendant, haha, love it!