Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our day in iPhone pics

Took the kiddos to the playground for a picnic and some playtime!  It was beautiful out, and we had a big blanket, turkey sandwiches, blueberries, strawberries, and m&m cookies.  That, and the 3 most wonderful blessings in the world = all I ever wanted : )

We walked over to see the ducks, and they were everywhere!  Including a momma with several babies.  Paige was fascinated with them, and the momma was getting a little nervous with this curious 3 year old around, so I pulled her back.  I get the protective momma instinct!

Paige used to nap in whatever she was wearing that day.  But the last few months, she will only nap in jammies.  She is particular about which jams, too.  I have to go through the list several times ("do you want to wear your cupcake jammies?" "no" "your ice cream jammies?" "no" "your zebra jammies?" "no") until one jumps out at her and she deems it worthy to wear.  Today, zebra jammies won.  Then we rinse and repeat after baths before bedtime.


Kind of a funny about David/possibly men in general.   He had this eye surgery today, to remove this small growth on his eye.  He has assured me for weeks that he can drive himself home, despite me asking repeatedly.  Today around 10 AM, he emails me (emails - not calls) and says, "hey, I actually need a ride home.  It is on the south side of town (an hour in traffic) and you need to pick me up at 4:30."

Ugggh!  So I had to get the kids up from their naps, load them in the car, and truck it to the opposite side of town.  

Being the wonderful wife that I am, after I got all 4 of them fed dinner, I ran up and got the patient some necessities : )


LaNeale Robertson said...

Holland did the same thing with naps and jammies. These girls are way too particular!!!!

Steph said...

They are all such cuties!!