Sunday, April 22, 2012

Presents for Paigers

What a wonderful weekend we have had!  

Friday, we went to dinner with the kids and some friends.  Saturday, I went for a run - my last one before the half marathon on Sunday!  I'm excited and really hoping we finish in 2 hours.  I ran some errands in the afternoon to finish up some last minute shopping for the sweet birthday girl. 

That night, we were supposed to have a babysitter and go to another friends 30th birthday party.  Unfortunately, our sitter came down with the stomach bug, and we couldn't find a replacement last minute.  We were bummed, but that is just what happens sometimes.  When you have kids, you simply can't go to everything.  Luckily, we made the most of it and got to attend a 4th birthday party, then hang with some neighbors in the evening.  Turned out to be a great day.

Today, we went to breakfast, David had to work : (  but the weather was great, so the kids and I went to the playground.  And they napped great, so I got to get the birthday stuff together!  Because Paige isn't opening presents at her big birthday party in a few weeks, we decided to have just a few people over tonight who love Paige and let her open her gifts.  My parents are in Europe, and I was sad her Mele and Papa weren't here.  But they'll be here for her big party.

Every birthday princess needs a crown!

Birthday cupcakes!

3 candles : )

I know I'm biased, but I feel like Jack should be a baby model.  I think he is so gorgeous.  

New shoes : )

Miss Paige is dearly loved.   She got a new bike, scooter, clothes, swim suit, puzzles, a dress-up costume (which she LOVES!), nail polish, a new helmet, and plenty of jammies (her favorite!  She loves jammies and refuses to nap unless she is in jammies.  And they have to be in a set.  She won't just throw anything on).

When she walked in the room and saw her new bike, her mouth flew open.  She was in shock/awe.  It was seriously awesome.  She has been asking for a bike for a few months.  

She would open a gift, set it down, and walk back over to her bike.  She just loves it.

Checking out sissy's new nail polish.

The scooter is a little more tough.  It is going to take her a little time to get that one.

Bless him.  Daddy's little stage-5 clinger (as David calls him).  He is in a major daddy phase right now. Good thing his daddy loves him very much.

So sweet.  Braley is such a precious little soul.

Jack and Ethan

Only a very special little girl would get 3 birthday parties for her 3rd birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter - she is beautiful and your sons are adorable. If it's okay I'd like to offer you a piece of advice (my boys are older and I got this piece of advice from another mom) every single time your child gets on a bike or scooter they wear their helmet - no choice. If you do this now, you won't have a problem when they are older and I'm sure you always want to keep them safe. Your daughter will be able to set a wonderful example for your sons. Many blessings to your family. Maryanne

Callie & Gerod said...

We plan on getting Chad his first bike this year too. I think 3 is the perfect age for it. Thats when we got Gibson his bike. :) Love the pink and the crown. Maybe we can get a few pics of her in it at her big party!