Tuesday, November 20, 2012

days off school...

Blogging 2 days in a row?  Haven't done this in a while!  There may be hope for me yet.

It's funny how I always dread weeks where the kids will be out of school.  The main reason is I feel like I am not very good at keeping them entertained.  And they are constantly fighting for my attention, which makes me want to go hide in my room.  However, when those weeks come, I find myself saying, this isn't so bad!  We actually had a great day!  Yesterday (yes, just the first in a week off, lol) we had unbelievable weather for late November.  Warm 70s, no wind, lots of sunshine.  We took a picnic to the park, walked all around, and fed the ducks.

My heart was literally bursting with happiness when Paige, unprompted, said, "come on, bubbas!  Hold my hands so we can stay safe."  I know that 3 kids so close in age has been stressful on David and me, and will only continue to get more challenging as the years go on - but I can't see how anyone could say this isn't worth it:

What a pleasure it is to get to spend my days with them.  Nothing else I'd rather be doing.  Yes, even on weeks when school is out on holiday ; )

After the park, we came home for naps, then went up and totally organized the playroom and got rid of all toys we don't use anymore*.  Had to make room for all our new toys from the boys birthday!  And we are anticipating receiving a few gifts next month ; )  Everyone in this house has been very good this year!

*I now have 3 trash sacks full of baby toys, most don't even look like they've ever been used.  My kids weren't ever really ones to play with toys a lot. Will donate them or happy to have local friends come pick through and pick out anything they might want!

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Julia said...

You have such cute kids! I'm sure some moments can get harry with three under three but I can imagine it's wonderful too.
Would you be willing to ship the toys if I of course pay the shipping?