Friday, November 9, 2012

Family photos

Are all women as dramatic as me?  Probably not.  I'll tell you the drama surrounding these photos, and I'm embarrassed to admit this.  We had these scheduled for months.  Halloween was the only date the photographer had left when I asked in August, so that is what we went with.  Cleared it with David, we were all set.  Picked the location - we decided to go with where we went last year.  

LESS than a week beforehand, David informs me that he won't be able to make it.  Um, say what?!  It is earnings release and he has deadlines, he simply can not get away for that long.  Cue tears.  I was just so upset - we bought all these outfits!  I spent a lot of time planning in out!  Dramatic, much?  Can we say first world problem?  lol.  But yes, there were tears.  

I ended up calming down and we figured out that he could pop out for 20 or 30 minutes, if we went somewhere close to work.  I would just have to get everyone ready by myself (hence, why I decided to get mine and Paige's hair done by someone else!).  I ended up liking the location better than what we were originally going to do, and everything worked out great.  And I LOVE the photos.  

Sheesh.  I need to get a life ; )

My little baby model.  He is such a gorgeous little boy.

So thankful this man puts up with me : )

She was such a doll during the shoot.  Happy, smiling - I love this little lady!

My precious littlest love


Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Jamie Dearle said...

Love the pictures! And yes, we are all dramatic, especially if our plans look like they are going to fall through!!! See you guys next week!

aMUSEing said...

they are fantastic! what a cutie set of kids you two make!!!

ben can't wait for suspenders from jack...haaaa!