Thursday, November 8, 2012

iPhone pics : )

Well, even though the election didn't go how we wanted, it is always thrilling to do your civic duty and vote!  To feel like you are helping shape how the country will be!  

Wednesday Paige and I had our usual date day.  Gym, lunch, trip to the park...

bike ride in the neighborhood...

And today all the kiddos had school.  Happy mommy face : )  I got to go to the gym, meet a girlfriend and her brand new  (less than a week old!) baby for lunch, grocery shop, clean out my car, vacuum and mop, and do 2 loads of laundry.  It was 82 degrees, most likely our last warm day for months, so we took advantage and went to the park after school.

What is more fun than playing in the leaves?

Even though the kids are exhausted from school and little or no naps, fussy, and David is working late tonight - I feel so happy with where I am in life.  My 3 miracles are growing stronger, learning every day, and I have the pleasure of spending my days taking care of our little family and home.

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