Friday, November 30, 2012

WEEKEND is here!

Kicking off the weekend right - first, with a great nights sleep!

Then, a little trip to the gym to make room for weekend calories ; )

Of course a trip to the park on a beautiful day!

What is more fun than playing in the leaves?  NOTHING, according to the Griffith trio.

Oh, well one thing might be more fun...and that would be playing ring around the rosie in the leaves.

How often do I thank God for the love between my children?  Every day.  Every chance I think of it.

We prayed and prayed for a baby, and of course we were thrilled and thankful when she came along.  But what happened when we gave her brothers - build-in playmates, someone to love and to love you back...well that was just on whole new level of thankfulness.

Being a mom is my greatest pleasure.  However, I need to be something other than "just" a mom from time to time, so the husband is taking me out on a date night tonight!  He asked me where I wanted to go, and I said, "anywhere I can get a margarona!" (frozen margarita with a corona poured inside.  Be still, my heart.)

Have a good weekend!! xo

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