Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for healthy, 2 year old boys

We had Jack and Braleys 2 year well-child visit on Tuesday.  I am beyond thankful to get to report that they both got clean bills of health.  The continued excellent health of my children tops my list of things I thank God for every single day.  My family has been truly blessed.

2 year stats:
Jack -
weight:  29lb2oz (50%)
height: 34.5 in (50%)
head: 49 cm (75%)

Braley -
weight:  27lb even (25%)
height:  33 in (10%)
head:  49 cm (75%)

So Braley is still a tiny peanut with a huge head, and Jack, who I think of as being massive, is really just average.  They are following a perfect growth chart, are proportionate, and checked out great physically.

I was able to check off every thing on the "list" of things a 2 year old "should" be doing.  Braley's verbal development has really taken off.  In fact, when we pulled out of the garage on the way to the appointment, he looked at David's (empty) side of the garage and said, "daddy car bye bye!"  The one thing I had noted and brought up with our doctor is that he doesn't often try and repeat words we say.  However, as he usually does, he starts doing this RIGHT after I voice my concern.  We were out looking at CHK Christmas lights last night, and after we said it, he said, "Chis mas yights!"  And anyway, she said that wasn't even a big deal at 2.  Stringing 2 words together was all she was looking for at this time.

One question asked was if there was any interest in toilet training.  Um, no.  Sheesh.  That isn't even on my radar screen.  I can't see myself even thinking about this with the boys until this summer.  Looking back on when Paige was 2, I thought she was such a big girl, ready for undies, and ready for a big girl bed.  The boys still seem like such babies to me, I can't even begin to think about these things with them.  Both I will put off as long as I can ; )

I told David that I walked out of that doctors office on cloud 9, despite the fact that both boys screamed, hated the doctor looking at them, and HATED their shot.  And I was alone.  My first instinct was to be stressed and upset about it, but I just couldn't be.  I have 3 healthy kids, including twin boys, who have been healthy and thriving from day 1.  Nothing more I could ever hope for.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family.  May we all have the pleasure of good food and company!

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