Monday, November 19, 2012

my blog slacking knows no bounds

I am out of the blogging routine, which I hate.  The kids are out of school this week for Thanksgiving, which means more playing outside and more getting my big camera out.  I'm hoping that will translate into more posting!  I hate not documenting their lives, as it is all going so fast.

Speaking of, these guys turned 2 Friday.  Their party was last night at our house.

little loves couldn't wait for their friends to come so they could get out in that bounce house!

Some yummy elmo treats!

Paige and Ava got after it long before the party actually started : )

This was the face we got until Jack was fed.  Bless his heart.  He barely ate lunch, took a 3 hour nap, and was starving!  Once the food arrived, he walked to his high chair, said, "hungeee!" and was much happier after dinner.

And I have some random iPhone pics from the last week...

Someone has become very picky about what she wears.  Her hello.kitty sweat suit is once of the only things she deems acceptable to wear these days.

This is from a few weeks ago - Paige has come to all but 2 OU home games this year.  She loves everything about those days - tailgate food, getting to skip her nap, popcorn, the band...the only thing she doesn't like is when the gun goes off. Which happens a lot.  I never realized how often that happens until my daughter had me cover her ears each time.  Little love is always asleep by the time we get to the highway on our way home.

I snuck in the boys room Thursday night, their last night as 1 year olds.  Sniff  sniff : (

And to be fair, I got a pic of her.  Such a lady in her sleep ; )

And for fun - this was me 2 years ago.  Ouch.  This is what a 48 week pregnant stomach looks like on a 5'2" person.  Yikes.

Along the lines of someone insisting on choosing all her outfits...we came to the gym as a fairy on Friday.  I had to convince her to let me put a long sleeved tee under this, and the wings had to come off in the car seat.  But you know what, you can only get away with dressing up like a fairy in public for a few years.  I just roll with it.

My mom took her to see a play Saturday night, and she chose this.

And just a few of birthday boys playing with some of their new toys!

I am thankful beyond words to everyone who has helped us out over the last 2 years.  I am 100% certain David and I could have not gotten here on our own.  I know the "fun" of twins is just getting started, but I feel hopeful for our sweet families future, and I know our strong support system will remain intact.  We had a wonderful party celebrating my two little boys.  They have brought such joy to our home.  We are very blessed.


jandi said...

Happy birthday to your little guys

aMUSEing said...

love to my favorite little twins! i lobe paigers jammies, we still check for more to arrive, hoping she forgets soon...haaa.