Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween : )

I have missed way too many things, I'm not even going to attempt catching up.  I'll just pick up from yesterday!  An insane day we had.  

Dropped the twins off at school, headed out with Paige.  We went to the gym, lunch, get our hair done for pictures!  She is such a little girly-girl.  

Left the salon, picked the boys up from school - learned they did not nap at school.  Insert panicked mom here.  We had a big afternoon coming up and I did not want 2 exhausted boys!  But we continued with our plans.  

Came home, and had 30 minutes to change into our picture clothes (think - bow ties and suspenders!) get a snack, get loaded in the car, and head back to the city for pictures.  David is working long hours and only had a short time when he could pop over and meet us.  But it worked.  The boys weren't smiling much, but they did cooperate well and didn't fuss!  And Paige made up for the lack of smiles, believe me!  I can't wait to see them!

Piled back in the car, Braley fell asleep immediately, thank goodness!  Jack and Paige held out, though.  It was time for yet another wardrobe change.  Ran home, put costumes on, headed down to our neighbors house for a pre trick or treating party.  Pizza, cupcakes, cheetos, candy - yeah, these exhausted kids perked up pretty fast ; )

Okay, I have to confess.  I am the lamest mom in the world.  I forgot to get bags for the kids to put candy in.  Every other kid had these adorable personalized bags from PBK.  I felt like a loser.  lol.  I managed to scrounge up something, though!  

(yes, I realize this isn't a big deal.  I'm saying this in jest)  

David wasn't able to make it for ToTing.  For the second year in a row.  To say we were both bummed is an understatement.  But he has the kind of job with deadlines.  Real deadlines that can't be ignored.  I understand that!  And somebody has to work around here ; )  Very thankful my mom came over to help!

Poor Jack was so tired at this point.  Bless his little heart.  We did a neighborhood hayride which was so fun.  I decided the boys would do one street, then we would go home to go to bed and mom could stay and ToT with Paige.  

Beautiful boy : )  Beautiful sleepy boy.

Doing our first official ToT from the hayride.

This was a close to the action as Jack wanted to get.

Braley jumped right in there!  He LOVED it!  He wouldn't even let me carry him.

Paige and her sweet friend, Bailey.

The boys and I headed in around 7.  Took a quick bath, and the were both out by 7:35.  Haven't heard a peep from their room in 12 hours now!

I was having to fight all my instincts yesterday telling me, they haven't gotten enough protein or vitamin C today!  Nothing with fiber!  They didn't even nap!  But I know that being a kid is about that sometimes.  They certainly survived!  A healthy day and nap today will get us back on track.

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