Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beverly Hills, 90210

First, a quick update: my e2 after 2 days of stiming was 93.1. I am going strong and steady, so I have kept on the 75 iu 2x/day of Follistim and 10 units of Lupron. I have my first follicle scan by internal ultrasound tomorrow morning. YAH! Moving right along!! I am now thinking I will take my trigger shot (to induce final maturation of the eggs) on Saturday and my Egg Retrieval (ER) will be on Monday. Then my Embryo Transfer (ET) will be 3 or 5 days after that.

For tonight's main topic: my favorite show of all time. I mean you've got it all: cheating, boyfriend stealing, lies, drug abuse, over-dose, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion (fake-outs), alcoholism, murder, corporate corruption, friends, enemies...what else could you want in a one-hour TV show? Nothing. I had to subscribe to Soap-Net (yes, I hang my head in shame) just to get 90210. They have 2 episodes A DAY. I am trying not to watch them this week so I have a full day's worth of activity the day of my ER and ET. I am very much looking forward to Matt and Kelly fighting because he is trying to get a death-row inmate who rapped and murdered a woman clemency, Kelly pondering forgiving the parents of the man who rapped her (and she subsequently shot and killed when he later came in to her store), Gina and Noah running and after-hours strip club, and Donna - being the innocent victim she always is - is mistaken for a hooker and (insert gasp here) goes to jail, and David giving his radio listeners bad, angry advice because he has been hurt by Gina and Dillon. Man, that is good TV.

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