Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scrambled or Over-Easy?

We got 18 eggs today!! I could not be more thrilled with this. It is the perfect number - not too many, not too few. I am anxious to hear the fert report tomorrow. We will either be transferring Friday or Sunday, depending on the quality and quantity. They give you some rock star drugs there. I was totally giggling as they wheeled me into the operating room. Then, when I came out of it, I (in an anesthetic haze) asked the nurse if they were scrambled or over easy. I don't think she laughed, as I am sure she has heard that one before. Oh well, I thought I was funny.

Its weird - I keep saying, "I'll feel better when..." First, I thought I would feel better and more confident when I made it to trigger. Then I just knew I would feel better once I made it to egg retrieval. Now, I am pretty sure I will feel better knowing how many fertilized. I finally realize that I will only feel better once I walk out of the hospital with a baby. Then comes a whole new set of worries. When does it get easy? When will I enjoy life again?

At least for today, I am trying not to worry, and just rejoice in the fact that 18 of my eggs are in the best lab in the state, getting ready to give it up to 70 thousand or so sperm. Sluts.

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