Thursday, August 21, 2008

I like to grab my boobs at work.

How else am I supposed to check to see if they are sore? And, as you know, when you are pregnant your boobs get sore. I don't know if they hurt because I keep poking them, or they hurt because I am pregnant. We shall see.
I have my progesterone and estrogen checked tomorrow. Hopefully we see some nice, high numbers! If they are, I will probably test Saturday.
I still feel nothing. No cramps, I am not more tired than usual, and I have had no spotting. Yes, I also run to the bathroom to check every 30 minutes or so at work. I am pathetic.

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Tab said...

I'm also in the "boob-grabbing" stage right now, and your right-it's hard to tell if there brused from my squeezing or from pregnancy hormones! Good luck to both of us!!