Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2 year well-child

We had Paige's 2 year check today.

It was her first time to get on the regular scale and to get measured by standing up. Sniff sniff. Such a big girl.

Weight: 25 pounds (25%)
Height: 2'9" (25%)

If you know David and me, these stats aren't shocking. We are not big or tall people. None of our kids will be big.

As David and I have suspected, Paige is very advanced socially and verbally. She was chatting up a storm and cracking our nurse and doctor up. I laugh at how worried I was at 15 months when Paige wasn't talking yet. I hope I learned my lesson and will be more laid back with the boys development. But I wouldn't count on it. You probably remember, I'm already worried about Braley's gross motor. Anyway - off topic here.

Her new thing is to say she is scared of things. "I'm scared of the vacuum cleaner." "I'm scared of the heater." "I'm scared of the TV." "I'm scared of the mirror." I'm not sure she gets the concept of being scared. But she likes to say it. Anyway, the doctor brought her laptop in, and Paige said, "I'm scared of the computer!"

She had school today, then her doctors appointment, then my mom and dad came and picked her up for a sleepover. David had a final tonight. It is amazing how "easy" taking care of just the twins and getting them down for the night is for me. Easy has become such a relative term.

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Lindsey said...

Go Paige!!

And, seeing 2'9" typed out made me giggle for some reason!