Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 month visit

Braley was not happy to be going to his 6 month visit.

We are so blessed with healthy children. Both boys are hitting their milestones and them some. She used the word "perfect" with me several times. Music to a momma's ears!

Jack: 17lb 6oz - 75% He is in the 50% for height. Head - 50%
Braley: 16lb 7oz - 50% Also 50% for height. Head - off the charts. Meaning, greater than 100%. Sweet boy has a big head. He'll grow into it, right? LOL!!

Their legs seemed a little sore from the shots and they were fussy on and off yesterday afternoon/evening. Of course, they could have been feeling my tension from the tornados. I'll tell you, having small kids at home makes those sirens blaring a hell of a lot scarier than they used to be. But we were safe, thank God. I have 2 friends at CHK who lost everything. I mean - house totally leveled. Pray for all those who lost their loved ones and homes. There was a 15 month old who perished in the storms, and a 3 year old is still missing. I can barely type that without feeling sick. Can you imagine?

We are blessed, no doubt about it. And God is good.

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