Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My sweet boys

The happiest Fat Jack in the world! Seriously! The fact that this boy refuses to nap unless I'm rocking him (in a quiet room holding a pacifier in his mouth) just melts away when I see this big boy laugh. Love.
Braley is getting better with rolling. He will roll tummy to back now pretty much all the time. And he is getting closer to rolling the other way.

The Fat Jack can sit unassisted pretty much at will now.

A few faces of the Braley bubber cub.

I love these beautiful boys!


Lindsey B said...

I love those boys so much!!

And, awesome blanket!

Momma Wilson said...

oh how I love some chunky boys! I miss those days with our own "The Fat Jackson":) Hope your hanging in there and that things will get easier with time!