Monday, May 16, 2011

6 months and a cray cray little girl

We celebrated our half birthday with a trip to the Peake to workout! Paige went to kids corner (thanks, Amanda ! She had fun!) and the boys and I did our aerobics class. It went well, and I look forward to doing this every Monday this summer.

We came home, ate lunch, and played in the play room upstairs before nap time. At 6 months, the boys:

Still nurse 6-7 times a day. No solids yet. We won't do that for a few months when they can handle table foods.

Size 4 diapers. Yes, I said 4.

Clothing size: Either 6-12 or 9 months. Probably move up to 12 months soon.

Sleep: we start our bedtime routine at 7 and they are both fast asleep in their cribs by 8. Sleep until 8 or later. Saturday morning, they slept until 9:15.

Naps: hit or miss. They can nap for 3 hours in their crib, or it can be a battle the whole time.

Milestones: reaching for toys, great eye contact, big smiles and laughs, recognize both David and me easily. Gross motor - Jack is kicking butt. He can sit totally unsupported, roll both ways with complete ease. Braley is a little behind here. I'll be anxious to discuss this with our pediatrician at their 6 month. He lacks the core strength I think he should have at this point. But we will see what she says.

But most important of all: they bring such joy to my life.

Paige is easily the funniest kid I know. Today, she lost her clothes at lunch after I let her eat applesauce with a spoon and no bib. Bad move. So she played in her cowboy boots, diaper, and diaper cover.

Then, she decided to put her tiara and a slipper (just 1) on.
And make some soup that way.

Then, she started saying something I couldn't understand. Finally, I figured out she was saying Band. I said, Paige, are you in a marching band? And she said, "OKAY!" So she was marching around the upstairs, banging her ladle and her pot. Caillou was in a marching band once, so I'm guessing that is where she got it.

She marched around the ottoman at least 10 times. In one high heel, a diaper, and a tiara. Hot mess!!! Love her so much!


Lindsey B said...

I love Paige so much! She has so much personality!

And happy six months sweet boys!!!

Kelly said...

I love seeing Paige's personality through your pictures! What a hoot!

Amanda said...

I am so glad Paige liked KC! I hope to see her there every Monday!!! The boys are getting so big! I can't believe it! Happy half birthday!!