Sunday, May 8, 2011

My mother's day

Jackers is still my big boy sitting like a champ.

LOL, but sometimes he gets pissed.

Cute love bugs
We got a new baby pool for our backyard today. It is a big hit already. We set it up, played for a bit, then left for dinner. The whole time we were gone, Paige was asking to play in the "simming pool!" We came back home and played outside again until bathtime. I can tell we will be spending a lot of time out here.

My blue-eyed boys were good sports and had fun playing outside, even though they are too small to play in the pool.

How much fun is this?!?

I had a lovely Mother's Day. My own mother is fabulous, as you all know, but she was out of town today. She and my dad love presidential libraries, and they took a trip to see one in Illinois? Now I am very embarrassed that I don't exactly remember where they went...

Anyway, David and I were on our own today. We took the wee ones to our Sunday breakfast place, some shopping, planting, naps for the kids, then dinner out. It was wonderful and I feel very blessed. David sent my flowers, which was very sweet and unexpected. He also gave me a break from bathing the twins and took care of that for me tonight. Of course, I still bathed Paige and helped get all 3 down for the night...

Little things that make me happy these days : )

Love to all my beautiful mom friends and those who hope to be a mom. And some extra love to those who have lost their moms.


Lindsey B said...

So glad you had a good day!! You are such an amazing momma to your three precious baby!

kim said...

A break from baths is HUGE. Happy Mother's Day. You are doing a great job!

Sophie said...

I love the pool! Where did you get it (or what is the brand)?