Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thunder cutie and 2 fatties

All the kids at Paige's school have been wearing their Thunder gear. I had to get my little Thunder cutie a shirt to show her support! We are having so much fun with the Thunder doing well in the playoffs. David and I went last night and it was a great night out for me.

The babysitter said the kids did great and went to bed with no troubles.

The Fat Jack keeps getting fatter! And his eyes keep getting bluer.

Paige loves her brothers. She loves to hold them, love on them, and play with them.

Playing "where's Paige?"
The Fat Braley is also continuing to get fatter.

Love you, Bwaley!
Love you, Jackers! (yes, she calls him Jackers and it melts my heart)

Love my three precious children.

Tuesday sucked so badly, I hope I never have to repeat that day. No naps for the boys, no helpers for me = 3 screaming kids from 4 PM until I could manage to get them all asleep. There wasn't enough alcohol in the state of Oklahoma to help me unwind from that day.

Yesterday was better, though. Naps for all and a night out for me! And now the weekend is almost here, so despite this gloomy weather, we are all feeling pretty good.


Lindsey B said...

The last picture is to die for!! I can't beleive you got such a good one of all three kids!!

And I'm so glad you had a great time at the game!

Tiffany said...

So so sweet. Your kids are growing so fast and its fun to be able to see all the changes! Thanks for sharing your babies with us :)