Sunday, May 29, 2011

Girls weekend comes to a close

Girls weekend was so much fun! Pool, shopping, and good old fashioned girl time!

We got to our hotel (The W) around noon and hit the pool! Lots of sun, beer, and fun! We went shopping around 4 and ate dinner in a trendy little Dallas district. Since we are not 21 anymore, we went back to the hotel to go to sleep after that! We saw all the young hip people headed up to the club and we were all like...PASS! Lets get in bed and watch a movie! It was heaven - we slept until 8:30.

We got up, shopped some more, went to Whole Foods, tried to go to In n Out burger (but didn't want to wait an hour...), found another burger place, and headed home! Got back to the 405 around 6. I got to bathe my boys and put them to bed. I missed them!

David was so happy I got some time with girls. It was much needed for me. I'm lucky I know my kids are well taken care of with their daddy when I'm gone. They had a great weekend.

It was amazing getting home to my kids. After we put the boys down, we played outside with Paige for a bit.

Playing airplane with daddy.

Silly girl!

Paige becomes more amazing every day. David and I are crazy about her.

I am beat! And not sure I'm quite ready to take on the next few days: Memorial day BBQ with my family, packing, getting my hair done, organizing the kids for a week with their grandparents...

I am off to get some sleep!

Happy Memorial Day!

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