Monday, May 23, 2011

Thank you and an update

Thank you all for the responses! I got some great advice in there. I am wondering if it is just in his nature to take short naps. Perhaps things will get better when he takes one nap a day. I sure hope so.

I had a terrible moment today. I was SO frustrated, I threw the baby monitor against the wall and broke it. Like some drunk frat guy who is pissed at a girl. I felt stupid after it happened and was glad no one was there to witness my meltdown.

I need to just calm down about all of this and realize that it isn't that big of a deal. I've said it before, but it is worth repeating, for my own it really going to matter 6 months from now how Jack napped as a baby? No. I need to chill the heck out.

Today was just as bad as usual, though he ended up getting about 20 minutes of solid sleep in his swing. The evening was fine, and he was asleep in his crib by 7:45. Thank God he is a good night time sleeper.

We see the pediatrician tomorrow for their 6 month visit, so I'll be discussing this with her for sure. I'd like her advice.


emily said...

Hey Megan. You don't know me- I've been following your blog for a while. I just wanted to offer some sympathy. My 10month old doesn't nap either. I've done everything I can and it's still not happening. I had a very ugly weekend a few months ago where all I did was cry because the truth is, I am the one responsible for the whole napping thing. His dad doesn't have the boob so it typically falls on my shoulders. {although, after the ugly breakdown, his dad is trying harder to help out in other ways but that's neither here nor there.} After that breakdown, I ended up seeing my OB for help on MY end. He's still not sleeping but I'm a lot less anxious because I'm working on my issues. Does this make any sense?! I'm not really talking about it publicly so if you want to chat, feel free to email me: kewthompson at gmail

take care and I hope he starts sleeping soon!

Jeanette said...

Honey, as much of a blessing it is - it is hard work being a mom. And you wouldn't be human if you were 100% patient 100% of the time!

I too put a lot of stress on myself if my daughter doesn't get her sleep. And she too was a HORRIBLE napper. Now at 9+ months old she naps pretty great and consistently. I honestly think good sleep was someting she needed to grow into - which was around 7 1/2 - 8 months for us for naps.

Babies sleep cycles are naturally short - very different from adults. If they cannot transition to that next stage of sleep on their own then they are UP. This changes as they mature, so he'll get there don't worry!

I had to do A LOT of holding and rocking and patting and sushing during the first several months. I never tried Ferber for nap time, although we did at night. It helped to some extent but was by no means a magical answer for us.

Keep doing what you're doing and go with your mommy gut. You're doing a great job raising your three and hats off to you!

I know what it is like when you feel like a good portion of your day is revolved around getting your child to sleep, stay asleep and if they're awake then you're worrying about when they'll be needing sleep! Such a tedious cycle and it is frustrating...

But stay positive and if you feel you're losing it just stop and take a deep breath. And if you do then pray for strength and patience - this has helped me on multiple occassions :)

I know my post isn't much help but I was just hoping to help you feel better even just a little!

Hoping all the best for you and that everything will get easier for you sooner than later...


Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker, but I have a little guy who was born right around the time your two little ones were born. I will admit, reading that you got so frustrated you threw the monitor made me feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. Because my little guy is a bad napper (and a bad night sleeper, too) and the last couple days I've been so frustrated with him and felt like such a bad mommy for getting so upset. And then I read your post and thought "I am not alone!". So thanks for that. And I hope his napping gets better soon.