Sunday, May 15, 2011

More park pics

Busy weekend here! Last night was my brother's surprise 30th birthday party. This morning, we got up, went to breakfast and for a walk. We had a babysitter come so we could go to the Thunder game this afternoon. When we got home from the game, we took a walk to the park, then David had to work the rest of the evening. I have been running around like a mad woman trying to get the kids down and the house picked up. But my work is done for the evening : ) My mom says this is why people have kids when they are young - only a 27 year old would have the energy to keep up!

Braley is obsessed with toys now. Or really - anything he can grab. He reaches out for everything! And they love to be outside.

Paige is old enough to go the nursery at my gym now. I would LOVE to get up there and workout, the only problem is, I would have to leave my house by 8:20 or so. Most of you know, that is normally the time I'm moseying out of bed and into the kids rooms. But I'm going to try and set my alarm for 7 and see if it can work. Taking bets on who thinks I'll actually make it.

Have a good week, folks!

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