Monday, May 9, 2011

Lonely, but hanging in.

Today was back to business as usual at our house. It is, in a way, a relief to be alone with the kids and know that we can just do our thing.

But I do get lonely. I was supposed to go to a fun girls night tonight, but David had to study, so it didn't work out. I love making small talk with the checkers at target. I get ridiculously excited when my mom pops over for a visit. It is hard, because I DO have friends. I have people call me to meet up, go to lunch, the zoo, etc. It i just too much with the twins right now. They are at the age where they have to be on schedule. They aren't happy sitting in their stroller. They want to be held, played with, play on the floor...

I know this time is short. I really do understand that. I know I'm going to be okay. I know they will be in school before I know it and I am going to be terribly sad. I will look back on these days and scream at my past self, "why didn't you enjoy this more! Why did you want to get out of the house so much? Why didn't you just sit there and love on your babies?!"

Please, God, give me the strength to remember that.

Today, though, besides being a little lonely, was a good day.

We went for a walk in the morning before it got too hot. I put the boys in the jogger and Paige walked with me. We went to the park and to see the ducks in the pond.

First time in the big girl swing! She was apprehensive at first, but started to like it.

Jack and Braley got in the baby swing and loved it!

The Fat Jack in full effect.

Where's Paige?

Climbing the rock wall all by herself.

Finishing up our breakfast (an english muffin) while we play.

I brought blankets and let the babies lay out on the ground while Paige played.

They like the fresh morning air. Pretty soon it will be too hot for us to do this, so I'm enjoying it now.

David is home now, though he is, of course, locked up in his study working. I'm off to soak in the bath and get ready for the Thunder game! Have a good one, friends!


Lindsey B said...

I love Kate's shoes. And my mom will be tickled to know you use the blankets she made so much!

Text anytime - I know I can't pop in but, I am feeling trapped these days too and texts/ emails make me feel more connected.

Megan and David said...

I love the blankets! They are the perfect weight, soft, but not too soft (so good enough to lay outside on), wash well...i just love them!

I'd buy more if she would open an etsy shop ; )

kerry said...

I'm in a similar place (though my 2nd child is a singleton, not twins)....I can't tell you how much it makes feel better about me as a mom to read your post. I could've written such a similar post. Raising kids is hard work! And, the early stages are really really hard and it's so hard to have balance when the kids need so much. My husband had the same reaction this past weekend when he wanted to do something and realized it was hard with our youngest's schedule. I had been laid-back about it for the first 2 months but it made our lives tougher (she wasn't sleeping, got over-tired) so I decided to stick with a routine but, wow, it really makes you feel shut-in sometimes. Hang in there.