Monday, October 3, 2011


My kids love bananas and always have! Today, all three kids ate an entire banana for their snack (so, 3 bananas total).

I cut it up and let the boys feed themselves, to see if they could do it. I'll be darned it if they didn't eat every last bite!! Jack was even looking for more on Braley's tray.

That was legit, mom!

It dawns on me more and more every day just how expensive feeding a family of 5 is. David and I eat crap and I'm totally fine with that, but I want more for my kids - at least now, when I can dictate what they eat. So I try and buy things that are natural/fresh and sometimes organic when I see fit. But man alive - holy $$$$$. I have been spending about $250 a week and that is JUST groceries. Not including diapers, laundry detergent, dish soap, other random things like that. And, we also pick up take-out/order pizza several times a week for David and me, so it is very eye opening to look at our bank statement and see just how much goes towards food. And I don't see this changing at all for about, oh, 17 years.

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Lisa said...

Good food is expensive, but it's a lifelong investment in your chldren's health. Small, growing bodies are much more susceptible to the additivies that are routinely put in food than a fully grown adult body. If you have to choose between expensive clothes, another pair of shoes or organically grown food, choose what's best for your children in the long run.