Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Well, TOTing '11 has come and gone. And I could use a cocktail.

David had to work (shock of all shocks...) so my mom came to help me (along with my niece, Ava) get these kiddos out an about. One of are awesome neighbors invited us on their neighborhood hayride! SO cute and fun! Here are all the kiddos reado to roll! Paige was in there somewhere : ) My mom was in charge of the girls and I had the boys. We were running all over the neighborhood (good thing I busted out the jog stroller and wore some flats!) following them around.

Little bit digging for her treasures!

Trick or Treat!!

Paige was very easily distracted (of course - she is 2!) but did enjoy herself.

David still wasn't home when we got back, so I had to do baths, lotion, jammies for all three, get the milk warmed up for the boys, turn Dora on for Paige, feed Jack, feed Braley, set Jack in his crib, take Braley in Paige's room and rock him, lay him down, get Braley out of his crib, take him into Paige's room and rock him, lay him down, fix a little snack for Paige, clean up the kitchen, rock and lay Paige down, then pick up the house.

Whew. : )

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!

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Lindsey B said...

So glad your mom was able to come help and that y'all got to have fun ToTing!!!