Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin patch revisited

Despite a blessed weekend with my kids and our friends, I'm feeling blue today. You can probably guess beloved Sooners lost on Saturday : ( It is amazing how much we (as fans) are invested in this group of 18-22 year old kids. And yes, the sun did rise today, just the same as always. And as I read this, I am thinking, lady - get a grip! It is just a football game! But I digress.

We had a lovely trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday! David stayed home to spend some time with the twins and let Paige and I go with no worry of schedules and finding high chairs. We met several of my friends and their kids there.

Paige loved the petting zoo again.

Amanda was so sweet to come along and help wrangle the crazy kids!

Paige loves Ethan! She was following him around and copying him.

Sweet Logan! Paige is blessed to have many friends to grow up with.

Logan stayed on the swing for a long time and loved it. Paige got on, swung back, then forth, then proclaimed, "I'm finished!"

Love my little lady.


After the pumpkin fun, we went to Pops, which is a fun little local place. We had a huge table on the back patio. There is a huge open area, the kids were running was a great night!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! xoxo

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Amanda said...

What a fun night!!!!