Saturday, October 1, 2011

Girlfriends, mani/pedi, lunch dates

Oh, did I mention that this was my 2 year olds life?

Paige and I met up with her buddy, Presley yesterday. We went to feed the ducks, play a little bit, and to get our nails done : )

Love these sweet girls!!!!

In other news - I am NOT going to be winning mother of the year over here.

As you all know, Braley recently started eating his table foods well. It has been wonderful! However, I didn't know you weren't supposed to give egg whites until 1. The boys ate scrambled eggs and cheese 3 days in a row, and Braley proceeded to break out in a rash : ( I was so confused because I had eaten eggs and nursed Braley for months and months. And he eats things with eggs in them, like pancakes. But a call to my pediatrician confirmed that there is something in the egg white protein when it isn't baked into something that is too hard for them to break down at this age.

I feel awful every time I change him and see it on his stomach and little legs. I am bringing him in if it doesn't clear up by mid-next week, but I'm sure it will. Just no more egg whites.

But on a positive note, both boys are babbling mamamama all the time now, and even crawl up to me and cry, "mamama" when they want me to hold them. Makes everything worth it!!

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Kelly said...

I just started giving mine egg yolk and thank goodness fo reading other blogs bc I had no clue they couldn't have egg white
Seems like a cool place where Paige got her mani/pedi!