Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fabulously Fall

I love fall. Right now, the weather is so nice. Not cold yet, but I don't have to worry about heat stroke and dehydration when we play outside. OU football, walks in the park, wine on the patio...yes, we sure are enjoying early fall!

We had fun at another tailgate on Saturday.

Today, we had our family day - breakfast, housework, catching up on Dateline and 60 Minutes, a trip to Qdoba and the park.

We go to feed the ducks fairly regularly. This one duck is here every time! You can barely tell in this picture, but he has a little ponytail poof thing on top. Paige got excited when we saw him tonight. She said, "DUCKY! Yook at his ponytail!"

Braley and Jack* are great sports and happily talked and squealed in their stroller while we navigated the park.

We are in for a busy week, then OU/Texas in Dallas this weekend.


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