Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birthday party fun!

We had the pleasure of going to our sweet friend, Bailey's birthday party yesterday! It was gorgeous outside. They had a bounce house, Bailey's new trampoline set up, and a pumpkin painting station. Not to mention, lots of yummy treats! A great way to spend a Saturday morning with my family.

All these fun toys, and this girls spent most of her time with a baby and stroller, pushing it all over, taking the baby out, holding her, putting her back in, rinse and repeat...

She is such a little mommy. Very loving and nurturing.

Homegirl kept her eye on that cupcake! And bless her little heart, she loves to blow out candles, so she didn't quite understand why Bailey got to blow out the candle. I'm thinking we are going to have to let her blow the twins' candles out at their party.

The pumpkin painting was a huge hit and a great idea, for anyone whose little ones have fall birthdays.

Our finished product.

David stayed home with the boys because it was during their morning nap time, but he packed them up and came down as soon as they woke up.

We spend the rest of the day watching football and grilling out at home on our back paito (BOOMER!!!!), so it was a really great Saturday! Capped off the night with a Halloween party at a friends house. And today, we are headed to the Storybook Forest. I have heard nothing but great things about that.

I am getting excited for family pictures next weekend and the boys' party the week later. Yay for fall! Love this time of year!

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