Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall weather = great photo ops outside!

So this pumpkin goes everywhere with us. Paige even naps with it sometimes. She picked it out at a nursery (the flower/plants variety) and just loves it! When it starts rotting, I'll throw it out. Hopefully : /

This picture makes me LOL. This is what happens when a little boy with furry, crazy hair goes out on a windy day.

Possibly a little biased, but I think this little boy is just the cutest thing. He looks like a toy - just way too cute : )

Love my two sweet almost 1 year olds!! I mailed out the big invites today. Crazy how fast time has gone this time. Faster than with Paige, if that is even possible. And I love them more with every passing second. They were the perfect way to complete our family.

This is what a great daddy is: not too cool to get down and sidewalk chalk with his daughter. And dot the i in her name with a flower.

We have been spending a lot of time on the back patio. Love this weather! I hope it stays around for a while, but especially through the boys' party on the 13th.

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jenhill17 said...

what cute pictures! the crazy furry hair is awesome!