Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin patch and 11 months

It was such a beautiful day today, David left work a little early and we took the kids out to the pumpkin patch at Arcadia Lake.

They had a petting zoo, which Paige LOVED. Loved. However, the bunnies did not love her. She chased them all around the little pin they were in, yelling, "bunny! Where are you? Come back! Bunny!" David and I were laughing so hard!

They had little baby pigs : )

Braley bubber liked to pet the animals. We all had baths when we got home.

And we are approaching 11 months (Sunday). A part of me looks back and feels like those crazy newborn days were a lifetime ago. But another part of me feels like it has gone so fast. I am thankful that I've moved on from feeling guilty - the guilt that so encompassed me in the early days when I felt like I couldn't hold the babies as much as they deserved to be held. These boys are loved, and they know it. They are happy, healthy, thriving - and love their momma!

I'm happy to say that, after 2 months of working on it, we are on all table foods. I am starting the transition to WCM and off formula next week. They are loving sippy cups with water. And Braley is *this* close to pulling up.

I am very thankful for the continued health of my kids. We are blessed.

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