Sunday, May 6, 2012

Boy pictures

I have been neglecting the blog, and I hate that!  But to be fair, I was busy preparing for the big birthday party yesterday!  And David has been working like crazy (what's new?), so I've been on my own most of the week.  

The party was a huge success, and thanks to my sweet friend, Callie, I'll have some photos to share in the near future.  We had great weather, food, drinks, a huge bounce house, more desserts than I could handle, and everyone who loves Paige.  What a blessing she is - to many, many people!

Today, David had to work (again, what else is new?), but should be home around 4:30.  I'm anxious for a little family downtime.  

The kiddos and I have been playing outside today, which has been nice.  Poor Jack is getting some teeth in so he is extra fussy : (

Thinking this won't be the last time these two are digging in a cooler together : /

Double the trouble, indeed!

I love him!

I took him to get a hair cut on Thursday, but made sure they kept those curls!  Speaking of that, this was on Thursday.  I left Jack with my grandmother, took Paige and Braley with the intention of dropping Paige off at school and then taking Braley to the hair place.  Well, we got ready about 30 minutes early, so Paige, Braley and I went to get breakfast before we dropped her off at school.  I have to say, it was SO easy for me to "just" have 2 kids at a restaurant.  I thought to myself, "why do people complain about having 2 kids?  This is so easy!"  But I remember that it is all about perspective.  I'm sure the mom of one year old triplets and a three year old would tell me, "girl, if you only knew."

Bless his little heart.  Those teeth are driving everyone in the Griffith house nuts.

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