Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday funday

The Griffith kids think every day is a vacation...and memorial weekend 2012 is no different!

We woke up and daddy had surprised us with some McDonald's breakfast sandwiches : )

Around 9:30, Mele and Papa came and picked Paige up and took her up to my grandfather, Jack's farm.  Swimming pools, baby cows, and tinkling in the woods : ) ...what else could a 3 year old girl want?!?  My parents brought her home at around 10 PM tonight and said she hadn't slept a wink all day!  Our nanny was here - David and I went out with some friends to watch the Thunder game, and the nanny said she was practically in a daze, got her jammies on and was asleep within minutes.  Bless her heart.  But I know she had fun!

Anyway, today David and I, sans our sassy little girl, got to get some yard work done and play with our little boys!

Despite what it looks like, I do not just follow my naked children around with my camera all day.  ha!  But we are still battling the yeast rash on Jack.  It is MUCH better, but I am just very weary of putting him in a swim diaper and wet bathing suit and letting all that moisture sit in there.  So, nakey it is ; )

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