Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial weekend comes to a close

I'd like to think that we will have time to recover from this jam-packed non-stop weekend, but we are super busy this week as well.

Today, we went and stocked up on fun backyard toys, then came home and checked them out!  Success!  After naps, we went to our friends' pool.  This was the boys first real time in a swimming pool, and I wasn't sure how they would react.  Of course, Paige loved, loved, loved swimming, as we knew she would.  Jack and Braley?  Meh - they liked it, but were just as happy sitting under the patio with snacks.

Love them.

Right after we left there, we drove to the city to my parent's country club for more swimming, playground playing, and dinner.

Got home, baths, and straight to bed!

I am always thankful for my 3 miracles, and I try to always remember those still struggling to have children.  Family-oriented holidays like these really bring it to the front of my mind.  Any time I see a married couple with no kids, I can't help but wonder if they are in pain by the sight of all the happy families.  Of course, plenty of people have no kids by choice, or are waiting to try because of any number of reasons...but I still wonder.

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