Saturday, May 19, 2012

Splash park

I haven't blogged about the boys' 18 month well-visit (it was Thursday), but it went well.  I'll do a full re-cap in a few days.  The short version...Jack is huge, Braley is a peanut, both boys are fantastic, we are thrilled, she is happy we have called Early Intervention, but thinks he will start talking on his own time if we decide to not accept services. 

Today was a wonderful day.  Spent the entire day with my sweet family : )  We headed down with some friends to the splash park downtown.  So much fun!  I'm predicting many repeat trips this summer!

Of course Paige loved it.

Braley was in heaven.  He loves the water.

Jack was much more hesitant.  It's funny, because this is the exact opposite of their normal personalities!  Braley is normally crying to be held in new places, and Jack is the wildman we can't keep up with.

He warmed up slightly...

But this guy seriously did not stop smiling.  My heart was bursting.  I love him.

Sweet Jack spent a lot of time next to daddy!

We walked over to a little park attached (which is darling.  Seriously - love this place!) and Jack was happy over there.

Do you think David loves his daughter?  I joke with him that I'm kind of jealous!  He is CRAZY about her.

And I was just loving on this little man.  I struggle with Braley, because he can be so difficult.  He is just so needy and clingy, and it wears on me.  So seeing him nothing but happy, running around, playing with other kids and his was just awesome.  He is maturing, I can really see it.

My day took a sad turn when we got home, and I left to go to a going away party for a dear friend.   She is a stay at home mom too, and our daughters are the best of friends.  She is moving for her husbands job, and I'm happy for them.  But I will miss her terribly.

Thank goodness for frequent flier miles ; )

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aMUSEing said...

xoxo. i cannot wait for your visits...and we will always be back for your sweet babies birthday parties!!! always (well, other than this fall, when i am birthing my little one...haaa) love you lots!!!

ps thanks for being my rock today. omg, meltdown city!