Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Faux splash park

The kids and I headed out at 9:30 today to try and beat the heat and meet some girlfriends and their kids at the splash park downtown!  

Unfortunately, it isn't open regular hours (daily) until this weekend.  But all was not lost, we found some fountains in the gardens for the kids to run around in.  Jury is still out on if we were "supposed" to play in here or not.  There may or may not have been a meeting going in the glass building adjacent to us - and we may or may not have been very distracting.  And Logan may or may not have stripped down ; )

Sweet Logan.  I am going to miss this face when she moves in a few weeks.

Again, Braley was happy to splash around, but Jack just wasn't into it.  He just stood by me and watched the others run around.

I am loving our new schedule.  All the kids sleep 8:30 - 8:30, and nap from 1-4 or even later.  I love that we can get out in the morning, eat lunch, wear ourselves out, then take a nice long nap.  And when they wake up, it is time to start getting dinner ready and wait for daddy to come home.  And our evenings are spent on walks/bike rides, trips to the playground, visits to our neighbors...I love early summer.

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aMUSEing said...

that was such a fun day...we def. made it work!