Saturday, May 12, 2012

Long update

Again with this blog slacking!  I have had a lot on my mind, more on that below...

This is going to be a lot of random iPhone pics, as I have not gotten my big camera out in a while!  I hate when I do that!  Need to get better.

What a blessing rocking this big boy to sleep.  I love this gorgeous boy.

And this sweet 3 year old girl.

Jack got a diaper rash last week, so we have been doing some naked time when we can.   And now, they realize how much they like being naked in the backyard, so they start trying to take their clothes off the second we get out here.  : /

I'll talk now about what has been on my mind.  The boys' 18 month well check has been looming on my horizon for a few months now.  Like this deadline that I have to get Braley saying some words by.  Obviously, I know there is nothing magical about the 18 month mark, but I really thought he would have a few words by now.  He doesn't.  The appointment is on the 17th, one day after they turn 18 months.  In my gut, I know there is nothing major going on with him.  This is how he has been with every single milestone.  He gives me anxiety, thinking he will NEVER (insert milestone here - roll over, pull up to stand, walk) then right before I'm about to seek out help, he does it.

He has exceptional receptive language skills.  Better than Jack.  I can say, "Braley, go get the diaper and take it to the trash."  And he does it.  I say that to Jack and he looks at me like I've lost my mind, climbs on the couch, and does a front dive off.  lol.  Braley can identify objects around the house and family members by pointing at them.  He can identify several body parts.  He follows other simple commands like, clap your hands, stomp your feet, hop like a bunny, be sweet to mommy, give Jack a hug.  So we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he understands what we are saying.  My mom is convinced he says 'more' and 'hello.'  But I am not counting it as a word until people other than family are able to understand what he says.

I decided to be proactive and call our state's early intervention program myself.  I figure, if I am right and nothing is going on, he is just a later talker than my other 2 children, what have a lost?  Nothing!  An hour of my time getting him evaluated.  Big deal.  But if I'm wrong and he needs some extra help to get him where he needs to be, then I wouldn't have wasted any time and I'll be doing all I can to help him.  We have been assigned a coordinator, just waiting on the scheduler to call me back.  I understand that this program has a lot of red tape and I should expect a lot of time to pass between getting scheduled, getting evaluated, then (if he qualifies) getting started with services.  Will keep everyone posted.

I forgot to blog about Paige's 3 year well-check!  Paige liked the fishes, but her positive feelings about the doctor's office stop there.  She hated everything about that doctor checking her out.  I realize why...she never goes!  (knocks on wood) she is unbelievable healthy, she hasn't been to the doctor in a year, since her 2 year well-check.  She didn't know what was going on! We are so blessed with the health of our children.

She is just perfect.  31 pounds (25th%) and 3 feet and 1/2 inch (25th%).  Bless her.  Little peanut.  She is thriving.

A random photo from her birthday party.  With her buddy, Ethan. : )

And man, we love our new bike!  She asks for it many times throughout the day, but I am not comfortable being in the street with her on the bike while I'm pushing the stroller, so we have to wait until daddy gets home.  Good thing it is light so long, we have plenty of time to play in the evenings.

She picked it up very fast.

I picked her up from school the other day, and she had a sticker that said, "I'm a star."  I am so proud of the beautiful soul, inside and out, that this girl is turning in to.

I need to get these boys a toy car!  They love our neighbors!

My little artist!

Mother's Day flowers from my wonderful husband and 3 children.

When you ask Braley, what does a phone do?  He puts his hand like this and tries to say 'hello.'  So cute.

And last, but most certainly not least, my mother's day gift from Paige.  I've been given a lot of gifts in my life, but none as wonderful or precious to me as this.

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