Friday, May 25, 2012

Paige's 3rd birthday party

Paige's 3rd birthday party was a huge success!  David and I are thankful for friends and family who love our daughter.  The friendships we have had for many years, and the ones we have made more recently, are a blessing for which we are eternally grateful.  So thank you to everyone who came!  We love you all!

Sweet girl is 3!

Our sweet family.  So happy.

Helping bubba get in the bounce house!

Papa, who has 5 grandkids, with his sweet Braley.

Could Logan be any more gorgeous?  Sigh.  Going to miss her.

Yes, the cupcakes were as good as they looked!

I wouldn't know about the rice krispee treats, though.  They were gone before I got over to sample one.  So they must have been pretty good ; )

Hanging poms.  Cute, but these 7 took me over 3 hours to make.  Ugh.  I hope everyone stared at them for a long time! : )

I had no real theme this year.  Just bright, fun colors.

Host and hostess taking a break.  It was HOT!

Paige and her great grandfather Jack Jack.

Some daddy love.

My mom and niece, Stella.

Braley James

Such a fun day!  We are blessed.

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aMUSEing said...

the party was such fun. logan still talks about paige's bounce house ( might as well just buy one for the backyard!)

i am so thankful that even though we are moving a plane trip away, we will be back for all your kid's parties!!!