Monday, September 20, 2010

29 weeks, parties, and football!

29 weeks. Holy crap. I promise that isn't a beach ball under my dress!

Appointment today (with growth scan):
Both boys weigh 3 pounds - with tons of hair! The ultrasound tech was even laughing at how much hair these boys have. I love it!

Fluid looks great

Cervix: long and closed

Weight: +24 pounds

BP: fine

Measuring: 36-37 weeks

I failed my 3 hour test, diagnosing me with Gestational Diabetes. I am actually fine with this. I know I can control it with diet. It will suck to have to drive by every Sonic I see without stopping in - but I'll manage.

I start bi-weekly Non-Stress tests in 2 weeks. I feel like I will be at the hospital nonstop! I hope these last 8 weeks fly by.

My Sooners barely showed up on Saturday - but a win is a win!

We had a blast celebrating Logan's first birthday yesterday!
Campbell came over and was splashing all in Paige's water glass. I love Paige's face here...she is like - Dad! I was drinking that! The girlies had fun playing and I had fun chatting with some of my great mommy friends!

Paige LOVES cupcakes. Even crumbs from a cup.

Daddy introduced her to rice crispy treats.

They had a steel drum band playing. It was a lot of fun.

Random: Paige and I like to go outside and wait for daddy's car to pull up in the drive way. Here she is seeing him come up the street:

Love this little girl!

Wish me luck on my new job of eating no sugar! This will be tough for a momma with a huge sweet tooth! And pray that my little body holds up and my back doesn't give out supporting these two growing boys!


Lindsey said...

You are all belly! So glad everything looks good with the boys!

And I love that Paige loves her red and white polka dot dress!

Tabitha said...

Good grief you have to be the most adorable pregnant girl's rediculous! :)

Kristi said... have one of the cutest twin bellies!!!