Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back pain and bee stings

So I took the muscle relaxer last night around 8. I managed to get myself and all my glory into the bathtub, then I got in bed with the Office on. I don't remember anything else until this morning at 9:40 (remember - Paige bug was with my mom and dad so I could rest and try and heal my back!). David came in from class last night around 10:30 and said I was talking some non-sense to him. Then all day today, I got out of bed to eat, and that is about it! I slept on and off all day. I did end up showering, washing my hair, and getting the sheets washed late this afternoon.

Then my lady bug came home at 5! I missed her like crazy and was so happy having her home.

David and I gave her a bath before bed, and she started screaming out of no where. We couldn't figure out what was wrong! The water temp was fine, there wasn't soap in here eye...then...we saw a little bee floating in the tub : ( She had a welt on her but. I started crying I felt so terrible. We gave her a little Motrin and checked it again 15 minutes later. Thank goodness the welt was much smaller so it doesn't appear she is allergic at all. She crashed out at 7:15 without a peep. Poor angel : (

Now on to me! My back is still in a lot of pain. Muscle relaxers aint good for shit except making you sleepy. I am sticking to Tylenol from now on. I am doing ice, heat, Tylenol, and hopefully I feel better by Saturday! Game day!!!


Are you surprised I threw my back out? This much weight in your stomach combined with picking up at 22 ish pound toddler = disaster.


Jenifer said...

I have followed your blog for awhile. You are doing so good. I also hurt my back while I was pregnant with twins and continued to have back pain throughout my pregnancy. The #1 thing my Dr. told me NOT to do was use a heating pad. Something to do with contractions and inducing labor. Just wanted to give you the heads up! Your Dr. may say different but I wanted you to know. I carried my boys 37 weeks 2 days and they had no NICU time. The day after I delivered I got up to use the bathroom and for the first time in months my back didn't hurt. I can so relate with all of the pain you are feeling right now and regardless of what you think you look great!! Page is a doll by the way! Good Luck to you.

Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

You look amazing! all belly and you've got a nice tan going! :) I hope your back starts feeling better soon.

Alicia said...

I can see how you hurt your back. You have alot of baby belly on alittle body but you look really good. Hope you feel better soon.