Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Met with the nutritionist today

And the GD diet really isn't going to be much different than I already eat. I am alloted 65 carbs per meal + snack (so for breakfast and my mid-morning snack, I can have 65 carbs total). I don't even think I could eat that much if I tried! She tested my blood sugar 2 hours after lunch, and she was hoping for it to be below 120. It was a 77. So I am really not worried about this.

She did say that I don't eat nearly enough protein for twins, so I will be working on that. I need to incorporate some form of protein at every meal/snack.

French fries aren't out for me at all - I just can't have them alone. I need to have a hamburger patty as well. Now if I were to eat a hamburger, bun and all, plus fries, that would be too much. So those are little things I will have to change.

And no more Sonic slushes for me. That is too much sugar for my body to process at one time.

So I'll be logging my blood sugar readings (pricking my finger wasn't bad at all. I barely felt it) 4 times a day - once right when I wake up, then 2 hours after every meal. I eat my snack after I get that reading. If my sugar is on the low side, then my snack needs to have a substantial amount of carbs in it. If it is on the high side (say - above 105), then my snack should be more focused on protein.

It isn't rocket science. And I'm fine with giving up ice cream and I don't think this is a big deal at all.

The ladybug spent the day with my dad today so I could go to my appointment and the grocery store. She should be back home any minute now and I'm watching the window hoping to see my dad's car! I miss her!


Lindsey said...

So glad it seems easy!!

Dre said...

ohhhh, the Sonic slushies would be a deal breaker for me. Thank God there isn't one too close to our town or I would be in trouble! You are going to do just fine!