Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A day with my love

Paige and I had the whole day to ourselves today. We went to the grocery store in the morning. Paige was entertaining all the other shoppers by waving and saying, "Hi!" to everyone.

We came home and had lunch and nap time. Her naps are getting shorter and shorter, much to my chagrin. But she sleeps around 13 hours at night, so I don't complain.

We then went to the park and to visit our friend, Logan! I heart Logan's momma - Tia.

We love Hafer.Park in Edmond. It is beautiful and has several different play areas for kids.
It was a lovely, albeit a bit hot, day here in the 405.

Paige was fascinated with this little duck thing!

Her face melts my heart. Hence, the 476 pictures I took of just her face today.

The days of summer are winding down. Thank the Good Lord.


Lindsey said...

Love the dress she is wearing!

Anonymous said...


New reader here. I found your blog through SAIF. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I admire your fortitude in the prospect of taking care of 3 kids so close in age, 2 of them newborns!!! I would be a nervous wreck but you seem very calm and confident about it, which is wonderful. What is your secret? :) Are you nervous at all?

Also, I have to say that your daughter is very cute! Where did you get the dress that she is wearing in your most recent post?

- KitKatKate (on SAIF)