Thursday, September 23, 2010

My little monkey loves school!

I wanted to get some cute pictures of Paige this morning before school, since she is 17 months today. However, all this little monkey wanted to do was climb in the car! She can climb in our huge car by herself!

Then, when we got to school, I tried to get a few of her. There are some pretty trees and benches outside the church. But all this bug wanted to do was run up to the doors and bang on them! Let me in!!

She loves school so much. She doesn't cry at all at drop-off anymore, and her teachers tell me that she is doing so well. We have seen her verbal skills take off, and I think a lot of it has to do with being with the other kids. I couldn't be more thrilled that we enrolled her in this program.

I want to go to school!!!

So today marks: 17 months old for my little lady bug, and...drumroll...8 weeks exactly until my C-Section! I am feeling more and more confident (terrified) that we actually will go the distance.

GD diet is going well. I haven't had a reading above where it is supposed to be yet. I was told that the fasting level is the one that matters the most. That is the one that, if elevated, has the most detrimental effects on the baby. Mine was in a great range this morning, so that makes me happy. So a good day on the books for everyone today!


Lindsey said...

She looks so tiny climbing into your big car!

Callie said...

Yeah for Paige talking more, boy do I understand! ;) Sounds like school is great for you both. Mom gets to relax a bit and Paige is learning tons! Love it!