Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeding the ducks! Kind of...

Tia and I took the girls to a park after Paige got out of school today. We set up a blanket and wanted them to feed the ducks. Of course, they did a lot more feeding themselves than the poor duckies.

Paige has several toy ducks and one of her favorite books is Counting Duckies. She knows a duck says, "quack." She is actually pretty good at that one! But when she heard an actual duck quack, she confused it with a puppy barking. She kept looking around saying, "puppy?" I guess my "quack" sounds a lot different than a real quack.

Logan is definitely the queen of the snacks. Luckily, Paige has a size advantage, being 3.5 months older, so she always gets her snack back!

Another successful trip with the double stroller!

Me - notsomuch. I thought - hey - I have been feeling pretty great. I'm going to try and walk from Tia's to the park. It is close enough! Not a good idea. I am paying for it big time right now. My babies are probably weighing in at around 4 pounds each - then with all the extra fluid, placentas...I am beat.

Silly girls - we brought the Wheat Thins for the ducks!

Such a lovely place.
There was a cute family taking their family pics in the park right above us. They were all decked out in western gear - belt buckles, flannel-type shirts. I thought they looked precious. Tia thought they looked cheesy. It is pretty clear that I am the gal from Oklahoma and she is from Minnesota!

We are in for a busy weekend! David is working very hectic and long hours right now. He is going to try to make it to Dallas for the big OU vs. Texas game. I hope he does - but he might have to stay home and work. Mom and I are going shopping to hopefully make more progress on the boys' room. We decided we will DVR the game on Saturday then come home and watch it that evening. So no one text me, FB message me, email me...or any other form of communication...any information about the game! Please and thanks : )

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Lindsey said...

I vote the western pictures are cheesy!

Rest up - no more walks - you are almost 31 weeks pregnant with twins - walks are too much!